Monday, 3 September 2012

and we come to day 6


'Something out of your comfort zone but you love' is the blog topic of today. This dress if out of my comfort zone purely because of how short the hem line is. It's a shift dress and on most girls it wouldn't be that short. But I am taller than most girls so a short dress becomes a very short dress.

I brought this dress because I had a Hens day at the races to go to and the theme was purple. I tried it on and felt a little uncomfortable with the length but loved it too much to say no. I had by far the shortest dress of the day. I had so much leg showing I felt a bit uncomfortable especially trying to get in and out of the Limo. 

I wore the dress a few months after that and being winter I teamed it up with black tights and I felt far more comfortable. 

I love the colours and the patterns on this dress. The material is also amazing. It's again a Forever New dress. A lot of my clothes come from Forever New. 

Well until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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