Thursday, 20 September 2012

and 23 be it


Today's topic in the 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge is about 'Something from your favourite store'. My favourite store was a toss up between Portmans and Forever New. For work clothes and some dresses I go to Portmans while for more casual clothes I go to Forever New. Although I do own some pretty nice dresses from Forever New.

I decided to go with Portmans as my favourite and this is the dress I love by them.

Portmans - Bold Stripe Dress

Like a lot of my dresses it has sleeves and also like a lot of my clothes it has stripes. The one downside to this dress was the fact that the silky tie keeps slipping and I have to keep adjusting it.

I wore the dress to my work's Christmas dinner last year from which this photo was taken. As you can see, the tie had slipped. The dress was also released with short sleeves and also in a pink. This year it was re-released with an alternating striped pattern.

I'm off to get ready for dinner now. It must seem that I go to dinner a lot. I never really used to but recently I have been out for dinner at least once a week or close to it.

Mexican tonight!

Until tomorrow.

Love, love Elle.

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