Thursday, 13 September 2012

and now for something completely 16


'A customised item' is today's blog topic. Unfortunately I am not very crafty. I hope to be and that is why I added 'sew a dress' and make a patchwork blanket or a crochet blanked on my 30 before 30 list. I want to learn to alter clothes and to use patterns to create my own. I currently only have an old sewing machine that was left by my sister (she left a fair bit when she moved out) which so currently at the bottom of the spare room cupboard. It is ridiculously heavy to move, so it just sits there.

So what does someone who can't sew or knit or crochet show you when they don't have anything to show you? Ideas! I know it's slack of me. I really should of tie-dyed something or added studs to something else. But I am currently not that way inclined. But I hope to be, I hope to learn how to do something.

I also have a fear of destroying what ever piece of clothing I try to use, so I suppose buying something from the second hand shop would be the best idea while I am starting out.

Any tips or ideas for some first timers?

Speaking of customising clothes, his month is the Perth Fashion Festival. I'd love to go see Restyle but unfortunately I will be at work and my work is nowhere near the city, so I can't just pop out in my lunch break. Popsicle on the other hand is running for a few days so hopefully I will head into the city to check out what is in store.

Restyle is

"Fashion can be fabulous and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Perth Fashion Festival has partnered with ten Perth fashion bloggers and seven charity organisations to show how even the most frugal of fashionistas can get that runway worthy look!

Ten fashion bloggers will buy nothing new for the month of August and will post daily looks on their blogs.

30 Days of Restyle features; Vintage Valley, Gin in a Teacup, Bonnie Friday, Love thy Muse, Blonde Suburbia, Hug Sized, Peanut Moonbeam Knickers, Le Fanciulle, Sass & Spice and Love from Shell.

Check out their campaign pics and blog links on the PFF Restyle website link:

Follow us and 30 Days Of Restyle on Twitter: | #30DaysOfRestyle"

Well until tomorrow.
Love, love Elle.

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