Sunday, 2 September 2012

and one makes 5


'Your best bargain' is today's topic, which is a hard one for me. I have never brought something extremely expensive for an extremely cheap price. I've never been so lucky as to find something that good before nor am I extremely internet bargain hunting savvy. So I will blog about a bargain which made me happy.

I started searching online for a party dress for a girls night out earlier this year. It was my friends birthday and we were heading into town for some tapas and cocktails. I found this dress at Forever New and was so excited to try it on. I had always wanted a bandage dress since I saw an amazing Herve Leger bandage dress on the Harrods website. But due to my financial circumstances, I had no chance of affording anything by Herve Leger.

Leona open back bandage dress

So I headed off to the shops that Thursday night. Unfortunately they only had the size down but I thought that I would try it on anyway. As I was walking around the shops I saw this dress on the specials rack. Not only was it cheaper, but it was in my size. 

Abigail Polka Dot Mesh Bandage Dress

Not only was it cheaper, the right size but I have a thing for dresses with sleeves. It fitted amazingly! I was so happy with it. I can't remember what I paid for it though. I am never good with that, but everything on sale was on sale. I think it was in the region of $70. But I wouldn't quote me on that.

The only photo's I have of me in this dress is one of my head where you only just see the mesh and in the other I am wearing a big red coat. But trust me, it is a gorgeous dress on. I have a girls cocktail night coming up and I am thinking of wearing this dress again.

In other news, today is fathers day in Australia, and possibly else where in the world. So this morning I set off to my home town to see my dad and the family. I arrived early so I went for a drive to my favourite place and took a few quick happy snaps. It was rainy and the surf was choppy but it's a lot better when a storm is coming in. The worse the weather the better the display of white water smashing onto the rocks.

My happy place

I then headed to one of my old favourite cafe's for a pot of tea and a florentine biscuit. I took a wander along the main streets then headed to my dad's for lunch.

All in all a great day. Anyone else have an old happy place?

Love, love Elle.

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