Saturday, 22 September 2012

and a quarter to 25


I am now 25 days in to the Fashion Blogger Challenge. Today's topic is 'A totally YOU outfit'. Although I love wearing dresses and jewellery the outfit that is totally me is jeans, a top and sneakers.

Introducing Dallas!

A lake where I take my dog for a walk

High top fluoro pink Dunlops  

Last night we went to The Village for a friends birthday drinks. I never knew where the place was even though I had been shopping right near it just two months ago. We got there a bit early and ordered dinner. I had a Chicken Pie and it actually had a lot of chicken in it. Which is always a plus. Then for desert I had a brownie. It was amazing. I was thinking it was just for one person since it only costed $10, but it was huge and came with 2 spoons. I had a willing participant to help me eat it.

Chicken, mushroom & sweet corn pie with mash & peas

Warm chocolate brownie, vanilla bean ice cream & choc cherry

The Village is nice but the music was a bit loud. Probably because we were right near the DJ. It was a good spot for the end of the night for some dancing but at the beginning when we were trying to eat and talk it was a bit hard to hear anything. The music they played was from my childhood and teenage years with a few new ones. The DJ unfortunately had no idea how to blend songs. He would start scratching when one song was coming to an end and then stop when a new song started.

The night ended with a quick trip to Gelare on the way to the car for some late night icecream. Always a brilliant end to the night.

Off to get ready for a girls night in and a very cocktails!

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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