Wednesday, 12 September 2012

and 15 is the word


Today's post is all about nails. ' Nail art/your favourite polish and your nail varnish collection'. 
I used to paint my nails all of the time. But they got fairly week and I have stopped for almost a year except for special occasions.

Currently, if I do wear nail polish, I prefer pastel colours. My two favourites are Mushroom and Blue Bird by NYC.


Blue Bird

These are both stock photo's off of the internet. I couldn't find my Blue Bird nail polish and my Mushroom nail polish has run out. 

I am currently thinking about matte nail polish. A nice matte black. 

Matte Black - another stock photo

I am ridiculously good at chipping my nails so I think next time I get a manicure I will get shellac or Bio Sculpture. Something that will hopefully last longer than me leaving the shop... which is what happened last time.

Well I am off to relax now. I need a good and early nights sleep. Maybe I will get my nails done this weekend. Most likely I will run out of time. But it's good to dream.

Love, love Elle.

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