Friday, 14 September 2012

and 17 again


'Something you wear when it's sunny' is the blog topic of today. When it's sunny I wear hats! I have a few hats. 5 I think. All brimmed hats. Being of the pale complexion I try and keep the sun off of my face as much as possible so I don't become leathery when I am older. Also, living in Australia, I have a fairly high chance of getting skin cancer.

This hat is great for sitting around in but not very practical on windy days.

Bathers - Seafolly

This photo is of me relaxing on holidays a little earlier in the year. I went to Danechi in Subiaco and grabbed an arm full of bathers. I wanted a one piece because I was going to a waterpark and wanted to feel secure as I zoomed around on all of the slides. As I was heading towards the changerooms I noticed the sales rack and found that pair. I am pretty sure it is from last season as I haven't been able to locate them on the Seafolly website. The have the cutest little boy legs and the detailing to the top part is really nice. They were the first ones I tried on and fitted perfectly, and being on sale, I had to buy them. I also brought a pair of Baku bathers in a one piece and wore those ones to the waterpark. My Seafolly ones I only wore in the resort pool since they weren't as secure as I needed.

I must admit, I loved the resort lifestyle.

Well until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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