Sunday, 23 September 2012

and 26 days in to it


I am a little slow off of the mark this morning. I had a big night last night at the cocktail party. Two nights spent in heels in a row means I was awoken to horrible cramps in my calves last night. The only thing I have done this morning is eat lollies from the goody bags we were given.

Well enough about that for now. Today's topic is 'Whats in your bag'. I don't particularly like my bag. I brought it for cheap because my last one was falling to pieces and I didn't have enough time to find one I really liked. It's plain black because I take it to work with me and it meant I didn't have to think about much when I was buying it.

I never used to allow myself to have a huge bag because I knew that I'd just fill it with junk. But over the years my bag has become bigger and bigger and now it is full of junk.

Lip balm
Lip moisturiser
Hand Cream
Emery board
Very old iPod (I'm going to use it until it dies)

Lip gloss
Note pad (cute owl thing)
Mints (I normally don't have two)
Hand sanitiser (I brought this for a recent trip abroad now it's staying in my bag)
Sugar free lolly things
Eye liner

Oh and my phone... But that is somewhere hidden around the house at the moment. My phone is in the essentials category.

I managed to pull myself away from the couch today and I headed into Northbridge to check out the Popsicle event for the Perth Fashion Festival. Little shops dotted along William Street took part in the event. There was also a mini market in an empty shop showcasing lots of handmade items. I brought two necklaces from inside the mini market. One from La Boheme and another from another shop but I can't remember which one.

La Boheme

Other one

I also visited Oh Henry!  where I brought an early 1970's dress and I have another dress waiting for me to pick up in the next few weeks. I also brought a dress from Mrs Browns Vintage.. Although I am not sure what era this dress is from.

Early 70's dress from Oh Henry!

Vintage dress from Mrs Brown

Sorry about the bad light. Buy the time I got home the sun was setting.

Love, love Elle.

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