Sunday, 16 September 2012

and finally 19 has arrived


Well we are on the home stretch of the 31 day fashion blogger challenge and today's topic is 'An article of clothing/jewellery that instantly makes you feel great'. The article of clothing that I love and make me feel great straight away are my favourite pair of shoes.

I was in an op-shop looking at some work clothes when I noticed these shoes on display. I tried them on and from the other end of the shop the sales assistant called out telling me how great they looked. They fitted perfectly and were only $13. When I got home I looked up the brand 'Vickie' and found that they are a custom shoe company in Hong Kong.

 My feel good shoes. 

The reasons why they make me feel good as soon as I put them on, other than the fact that they fit so perfectly, are because they have a nice comfortable heel which doesn't make me feel ginormous and because there pattern is slightly quirky

The reason for yesterdays extremely short blog was because I had spent half the day baking and then spent the rest of the day travelling and partying. My sister commented on her Facebook page the night before her party, that she wanted to know if it was lame to buy her own birthday cake. After toing and froing about it with me I told her she should have let me know earlier and I would have made her one. It was decided that I would buy her one instead, since there wasn't much time for me to bake one. Then that night when I was getting ready for bed, I decided that I couldn't buy my sister her 30th birthday cake. I pulled out some of my cook books and picked out a few cake choices. I woke up early the next morning, chose the cake and then headed to the shops to buy the ingredients and the cake tins.

The cake I chose was a Donna Hay recipe. I used her chocolate mud cake recipe, doubling the ingredients to make two cakes (this was hard since I didn't have a mixing bowl large enough and ended up using a giant pasta pot). I then used her chocolate fudge icing recipe to sandwich them together and covered the whole thing in her chocolate ganache recipe.

30th Birthday Cake

Half way

 I used a cocoa powder which was darker than I normally would use and I used a good quality 70% dark chocolate as well. So my dad and all of the other dark chocolate eaters loved it. For those who weren't such a fan of dark chocolate, the cake was served with vanilla icecream to sweeten the deal. My dad said it was one of the best chocolate cake's he has ever had. So he had seconds and kept a slab of cake for later.

A few quick photo's from the rest of today. Breakfast was at a little cafe called 'Benesse Coffee'. Pancakes of coarse. Then we took a quick stroll to the beach and sat and watched the waves crash over the basalt rocks. We then me up with some of my family and spent the rest of the morning at the park with my nieces and nephew. Lunch was at my dad's then back home. Off to the pub for dinner tonight. I'm exhausted already and still quite full.
Weird mint thing coming out of pancakes

Art Gallery


Well until tomorrow.
Love, love Elle.

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