Wednesday, 19 September 2012

and 22 is the way


The topic for today is 'A piece of clothing or jewellery that was a gift'. My selected topic for this blog is a necklace that I wear pretty much everyday. Other than a pair of simple sleeper earrings it is the only jewellery that I wear all of the time. Only when I 'dress up' my jewellery do I not wear it.

It has a tiny little elephant pendant. I got the necklace for Christmas in 2008 from my boyfriend. We had only been dating for a few weeks but we had been friends for about 2 years before hand. He has brought be jewellery since then but it's a lot fancier and I only wear it for special occasions.

A couple of weeks back the chain broke but luckily it was in my lounge room. There is a tiny little soldering mark at the back from where the jeweller fixed it. Hopefully it will stay in place for many years to come! But he did say that if it breaks and I lose it, he will buy me a new one which is even better. But nothing could replace this simple, cute necklace and the memories it holds.

Well until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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