Monday, 17 September 2012

and to 20 and beyond


20 days in and the topic today is 'Shoes you love but hardly wear'. The shoes I love but hardly ever wear are a cute pair of heels I brought last year for a 1920's Hen's day. They are a cute pair Mary Jane heels from Target.

I don't wear them very often because I don't wear heels very often. Even in flats I get comments on how tall I am. I also get woken up in the middle of the night with cramps in my calves if I wear heels for too long.

These heels aren't too high though and they are pretty comfortable to wear.

Dinner last night was great. We met some friends at a pub. It was a last minute thing but well worth it. I had Tandoori chicken for dinner and an amazing sticky date pudding for dessert.

Sticky Date Pudding - Greenwood Tavern

I have a big week of eating ahead of me. I have a dinner both Thursday and Friday night and a cocktail party on Saturday. So maybe expect a few more photos of food.

I hope everyone else's week is full of amazing food!

Love, love Elle.

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