Sunday, 9 September 2012

and 12 has come


Topic of the day: 'The outfit you've had the best times in'. My answer.... I am not really sure... So I had a look through my photo's to see which ones brought back good memories. As I looked through and I came across this one.

Simple jeans, simple tank, lace jacket and a simple black clutch.

I think the jeans are Jeans West and the jacket might be from Target. Why was it an outfit I had the best time in? Well it was a night out with the girls. I went to dinner with some old school friends and then we did some bar hopping and ran amok a bit through the streets.
I think any time spent with old friends are some of the best times.
Today was a busy and fun day. My banana bread turned out great, actually fantastic! I also made spicy beetroot hummus and low fat labna. Which tasted as nice as the full fat version, so I won't be afraid of the healthier one from now on.

 Killer Banana and Chocolate Bread

It's not a picture of beauty but man it was awesome. It is from the cookbook Wild Sugar Desserts. A friend of mine gave me this cookbook for my birthday and it was the first recipe I have made out of it. Although there are plenty more I can not wait to try!

Gorgeous Spring Day!

Well I have left the blogging too late in the evening and if I continue on it will soon be day 13!

So, with that, goodnight!

Love, love Elle.

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