Friday, 21 September 2012

and get ready for 24


'An item that brings all the boys to the yard'. Errrrmmmm. Sexy clothes time? There hasn't been too much in my recent wardrobe that 'brings all the boys to the yard' and if there was it would have been completely covered in a coat.

I love this peplum shirt I brought from Dotti a few weeks back. I paired it with a thin black belt I had from another top. It accentuates the waist even more. I am also wearing black denim shorts and plain black heals.  One upside to being tall is that I have by default really long legs so shorts are a bit of a favourite of mine. I will be wearing a variation of this tonight. Instead of the shorts, I am wearing dark jeans since it's pretty cold outside. I will then cover the whole thing in a giant red coat so you can't see any of it. Unless we are inside in the warmth!

Mexican last night was great. Well my food was anyway. I am becoming a huge fan of Chicken Fajitas. I prefer them over burritos because you can choose to had a tonne of cheese and sour cream or only a smidgen. Others were less impressed with their meal but mostly because of a mistake by the waiter or the kitchen.

Off to dinner again tonight. This time a nice bar meal at The Village Bar, Subiaco for a friends birthday drinks. We are heading in early for dinner. I have been scouring the menu for a few days. I like to prepare myself for whats to come. The specials always throw me though!

Until tomorrow.
Love, love Elle.

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