Tuesday, 25 September 2012

and 28 too late


Only a few more fashion blogger posts left to come and then the challenge is over. I still haven't missed one yet but it has meant a few late nights just to complete the posts. Today's topic is 'something everyone has now'. Well I have never really been a head of the curve when it comes to fashion but I have had a top with a Peter Pan collar for about a year, or even more, and now it's one of the most popular features of fashion at the moment. I also have several dresses with peter pan collars, although I don't yet own a collar necklace.

Tokito Collared Top

I often wear this top with a plain black pencil skirt and patterned stockings. A pair of which I put a hole through today pulling them up. Kind of annoyed since they were fairly new but I just wasn't thinking.

I am feeling rather uninspired today. So I am off to make dinner (heat up frozen pizza maybe) and then sit down and watch some TV.

Love, love Elle.

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