Sunday, 30 September 2012

and I play in the mud

Stampede in the Valley

The reason for the little craft session last night was to create some basic costumes for the Stampede in the Valley. Stampede in the Valley is a fun obstetrical coarse held at an equestrian park. We climbed up net walls, jumped over logs and rolled in mud. I competed, no, participated with two of my old school friends. The reason I say participated is because we went at a very leisurely pace. They encouraged dressing up so we grabbed some old clothes and created bird costumes. 

My bird mask (brought not made)

Race outfit

Never let me join your sack race team. I am terrible at it.

Action shot

I have also just discovered that birds have created a nest on my patio.There adorable and have such beautiful songs.

Tomorrow is a public holiday. I plan to rest and read a book. But plans never always come about. I hope everyone else enjoying a public holiday has a great day too.

Love, love Elle.

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