Wednesday, 26 September 2012

and 29 is clear


Today's post is 'Fave Of The Day' and today being a Wednesday I am at work all day so I haven't done anything interesting to my face. I like to play with make up when I go out and I have a lot of make up in a plethora of colours. I prefer buying the eye shadows which come with several complimenting colours in one compact, so I don't have to think about coordinating most nights. But then I get flurries of enthusiasm and pull out several sets and mix it up a bit.

Don't mind the bags :)

Excuse the harsh office lights and the dodgy camera phone photo. I used the front camera so I could take the photo sneakily and so that I could get my face in the shot in one go, so the quality is worse than normal.

My foundation is a little dark for me at the moment being that winter has just finished. I do use the lightest colour foundation that is easily obtainable. When I remember I put a little powder on to even the skin colour up. I use Bourjois Foundation Healthy Mix in Light Vanilla. It smells fruity and edible. My eyeliner is Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I have spent a long time finding a good dark liquid eyeliner and this one I am the happiest with at the moment. I have been trying out new mascara's and at the moment I am using The Colossal Volum Express for everyday use and I use other Maybelline ones for when I go out and for when I go swimming. I don't like to go without makeup ever. I even exercise in makeup. I use a Nude by Nature brow pencil in blonde. Yes I am wearing it in the photo. I just have very pale eyebrows. My blush is this peach colour from a multi-pack thing I have had for a while that needs to be replaced.

Well that is defiantly enough of talking about my face for quite a while.

Until tomorrow.
Love, love Elle.

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