Sunday, 31 March 2013

and Vans Cafe - Cottesloe

and Vans Cafe - Cottesloe

After spending the morning at Cottesloe Beach taking photos of the Sculpture by the Sea we headed to Vans for breakfast. The view from our table wasn't that great. In one direction is the Cottesloe trainstation which isn't the prettiest trainstation in Perth. Another downside of the view in the other direction is how close cars can park to the seating on the sidewalk.

The cafe itself is quiet pretty and funky inside with lots of little quirks through out.

Seating heading out to the courtyard in the back. If I knew this area
existed before I sat down and ordered I would have sat out there.

Some cute shelves by the toilets.

Banana milkshake

Buttermilk pancakes, fresh new season strawberries, honeycomb butter

Hot potato cake, smoked salmon, poached egg, wilted spinach, lemon butter

Display case.

Deciding which macarons to buy.

We went with pistachio, cherry, lemon and hazelnut.

The pancakes were delicious but came out a little cold. The honeycomb butter was great but didn't melt because of the pancakes not being warm enough. I tasted my plus ones potato cake and egg and they were very tasty. His milkshake was also delicious. I just had a pot of English breakfast tea with my pancakes. The macarons were amazing. We ate them on the car ride home. The lemon one tastes like lemon meringue pie, the hazelnut one tasted like nutella and the pistachio one had a marshmallow filling. The cherry one was my least favourite but still was pretty yummy. Although I wouldn't have been able to pick the flavour if I didn't already know it.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

Friday, 29 March 2013

and a whole 84 days

Days 71-84

I am currently going through times where I am uninspired to take a photo. These days are normally on weekdays. Days where what I do is all routine, days were nothing, in my mind, is interesting. But yet, I still take a photo. This 'Project 365' is two challenges in one for me. First, it's a challenge to see if I can take a photo everyday, logging a moment in time for a whole year. The second aspect is that it is part of my 30 before 30 and since I haven't crossed anymore items off of my list in a while, I am determined to complete this one. So I press on, looking for something beautiful or interesting and when I can't find anything I just take a photo anyway because it is all part of my life.

Day 71:

Going from one place to another I was stuck in traffic.
The view wasn't too bad though.

Day 72:

Another day, another evening walk and some raindrops still on flowers.

Day 73:

I have been pretty busy lately, so I made some time to play with Dallas.
Once she was done she took advantage of my good nature and
laid on a pile of cushions.

Day 74:

Dinner and a movie 'Oz; The Great and Powerful' with my plus one.

Day 75:

Dinner with friends on the South Perth foreshore.

Day 76:

I was given a lot of sugar and some oranges so I made marmalade.

Day 77:

Home late again. This is a tree in the shopping center carpark.
I loved how it looked under lights.

Day 78:

Dinner before French class.

Day 79:

The start of another long day. A beautiful sunrise.

Day 80:

A gorgeous new rose I saw on my afternoon walk.

Day 81:

I made vegan coconut fudge with raspberries. This one is straight 
out of the freezer still covered in ice.

 Day 82:

Family outing to the park. My sweet niece Isabella was
showing me how brilliantly she walks now.

 Day 83:

My bike after the Freeway Bike Hike. 

Day 84:

I am very happy to announce that I am now
an orange belt in kickboxing!

Another fortnight down, another 18 or so to go. I wonder what the rest of the year has to offer.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

and Sculptures by the Sea - Cottesloe - Part 2

and Sculptures by the Sea - Cottesloe - Part 1

As we walked around we noticed that there was a little area selling brochures about the sculptures. But we were already half way through and we were on a bit of a tight schedule. We continued on only guessing what each sculpture was about. I am not sure if all of the sculptures had meanings or if some were just made to look cool.

This is a photo I took through a blue glass sculpture.

My best guess for this sculpture is that it is about global warming and the 
sea ice melting. In each bucket there is a glacier.

This sculpture was pretty cute.

I learnt that to take a good picture you have to be patient.
Being patient allows people walk out of shot.

I also learnt that I like to take photos of things on the right side 
of the frame. I don't know why though.

This sculpture is a needle eye. The tip is located at 
City Hall Park in Aarhus Denmark.

This sculpture encouraged people to climb through it. At the top was a sensor
which counted people as they hopped through.

Check out - How Close We Are

The sun was well and truly up by now and the light was a lot harsher. The beach was also pretty crowded and we were ready to head to breakfast.

Hopefully it will be back next year, because I would love to visit again!

Love, love Elle.

and Sculptures by the Sea - Cottesloe - Part 1

and Sculptures by the Sea - Cottesloe - Part 1

Last Saturday, my plus one and I headed out as the sun was rising to see the the sculpture exhibit, Sculptures by the Sea, at Cottesloe. It was finishing the day afterwards, so I didn't want to miss out on seeing it for another year. I took down my DSLR as well as my Canon point and shoot, but the aim was to improve my manual skills. Even though I had it on 'P' most of the time, the DSLR takes more patience than my Canon.

This guy was pretty cute looking for a seagull.

This sculpture would have looked amazing with the sun setting behind it.

The sun was peaking over Cottesloe.

Shiny sculpture were my favourite.

In this photo I was playing with the shutter speed.

 More photos to come!

Love, love Elle.
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