Thursday, 27 September 2012

and 30 before the last


I left my mobile at home today so I have come home in my lunch break to get it. So I have decided to make the most of it and write today's blog before I have to head back into work. I love being 10-15 minutes from work and having an hour lunch break just for days like this.

'Pretty Hair' for me is curly hair. I don't mind straightening my hair. But I rarely do it. My hair is naturally wavy and it naturally does what it wants half the time.

Cocktail party

Slightly drunk self photo.  Something weird was happening to my eyebrow.

To get my hair to curl and stay curled a lot of hairspray and styling spray is required. It is also best to over curl it, so I look like a poodle, so that it stays in place for longer. Back to work now!

Love, love Elle.

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