Tuesday, 4 September 2012

and on the 7th day


Well it's a miserable stormy spring day but today's topic in the 31 day blogger challenge is about 'A Special Occasion Outfit'. This dress is a vintage dress that I got from my sister. I am pretty sure when she moved out she left it behind and I commandeered it. I wore it for my birthday dinner this year and teamed it with a mint cardigan from Forever New.

It's a gorgeous dusky pink colour. I wish I knew what era it was from. Maybe the 70's?

 Me at my birthday dinner. I had a giant slab of pork belly. I managed to eat it all as well as a starter and dessert. Eating is one of my many talents. I love the mix of the contrasting pastel colours.

I also have the same cardigan in cream. I had to buy the size down in these cardigans to make them fit properly. But it's such a sweet cardi with cute flower buttons. It was winter so the cardi was a must. I hope to have another reason to wear it as the weather warms up.

I really must try harder (and not leave it so late in the evening) to take these photo's. Well as the days grow longer and it warms up I might be smart enough to have some nicer photo's taken in the garden or at the park across the road. But it's cold out and stormy. So I am safer and warmer inside!

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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