Monday, 24 September 2012

and close behind 27


'Inspired by your style icon' is today's blog topic. I am inspired by a whole range of fashionable women, from the classics to modern beauties.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly epitomises femininity. She was always so elegant and, dare I say it, graceful.

Anne Hathaway

Anne has a stunning figure but I much prefer her with longer hair like the photo's above.

Audrey Hepburn

Always cute but smoldering at the same time.

And the most talked about fashion icon of today.

Kate Middleton.

I think I prefer my fashion to always be feminine. I prefer classics over too edgy. But I don't like to be defined by what I wear. Sometimes I want to wear a shift dress echoing the 60's and other days I want to wear a floral dress with a full skirt. Them I might wear my jeans with a t-shirt or shorts with a collared shirt.

I used to be fairly boring with my outfits but around 4 years ago I started mixing it up a whole lot more and I am still working on it. I am still trying to be brighter and funner with what I wear. A lady at work has challenge me to be colourful at work this Friday for the Free Dress Day, as I still wear a lot of black to work. We will see how I go. Maybe I might need to pull out the stockings with roses on them.

Well until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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