Tuesday, 11 September 2012

and here is number 14


'The item that was hardest to track down'. I was hoping to announce that I have found some amazing mint flats for this blog topic. But still no luck. I think I saw some in Myers but I need a free moment to go and try them on. I don't think I have spent a lot of time chasing a certain item of clothing. I think I spend more time trying to find a red coat or a spotted dress or a mint pair of shoes. I know how I want them to look in my head and I try to find something that gets as close to that as possible.

There are a few pieces of clothing that have been out of my size at one shop so I try at their nearby stores. Or at least I get the shop assistant to call ahead. I love matching clothes as well and I often by a whole outfit at once with a certain occasion in mind. I will trawl through a whole shopping center getting the correct parts to the outfit. Sometimes this takes several days and a few different shopping centers.


This coat has an awesome story behind it. I had always wanted a bright red coat but I was always afraid that it was going to wash me out. I had had a bad day with car problems and headed to the shops for some retail therapy. I went into Portmans (which is one of my favourite stores, especially for work clothes) and I was just looking around at the coats. The sales assistant, who was a bit bored because the shop was fairly empty, found out that I only had black coats. She then trawled the shop excitedly grabbing different coats off the racks. I was also shopping for work pants, work skirts, work tops etc. so she came back with heaped piles of clothes for me to try on. I just stood their nodding my head at the clothes I liked and shaking off the ones I didn't. Then the other shop assistant joined in and they both ended up dressing me up with different scarfs and hats to go with the outfits. They defiantly earned their pay checks that day. I put most of it on lay-by for my next pay and a friend had to help me carry my bags out to the car when I went to pick them up. 

Ok so the story might not actually be awesome. But to me it was. I had so much fun having two 'personal' assistants and I must have been in the store for over an hour.

It's so great when sales assistants actually put in an effort to help. It makes all the difference. You leave with an awesome stack of clothes and they have a high sales day. Win, win, win!

Anyone else had a similar experience of sales assistants going above and beyond and it just made your day?

Well it's late again. I wasn't off sick today but I still feel pretty average. So off to bed I go.

Love, love Elle.

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