Sunday, 28 October 2012

and Brunswick Show

and it's show time
Brunswick Show

Yesterday my plus one and I headed south to the biggest one day show in Australia, or at least I think that is how they brand it. My family used to go every year when I was young and I wanted to go once more. I have only been to The Perth Royal show once and that was around 9 years ago. Although, from memory, it was fun, it was very crowded. So we thought we'd experience a much more relaxed show and even though it was stupidly hot, I saw and ate as much as I could and enjoyed every minute.

Log Chop. Very country

Old car

10 week old pup learning the basics

Duck herding

Pretty roses

Massive cow. I didn't pat this one. But I managed to pat an even bigger one.

Old tracker in the parade

My eldest niece in her Girl Guides clothes in the parade

We went on 3 rides, all spinning ones, because those are the ones I like the most. I ate a bratwurst hotdog, a cinnamon doughnut (oh my god it was good) and lots of icecream. I also had a corn on a cob with herb butter. We didn't buy any show bags but we made own from the local produce stands. Honey, jam, cashew brittle, etc.

We left just after the parade and headed to Waroona to stay at a guest house my plus one had stayed in previously. That night we went to dinner at The Lone Barn. It was a short drive out of town and had a 2km gravel driveway. It restaurant was situated on the scarp and had a great view of the surrounding area. We were there after dark so could only see the distant lights, but I could only imagine it at sunset. 

The place was recommended to us by the lady who ran the guest house. It had a family run feel and as you walked to the bathrooms you could see in to the kitchen. It was small, but clean and quiet. I ordered the Fried Camembert with Cranberry Sauce and plus one ordered Scallops poached in a béchamel sauce. 

Fried Camembert

For mains I had Kai Yang and plus one enjoyed the seafood platter. Not reading the menu very well he didn't realise that the platter contained more of the poached scallops. I don't eat nor care for seafood, so I didn't take a photo of any of his food until dessert.

Kai Yang - Thai chicken marinated in Holy basil and special Thai spices,
served with coconut/lemon grass rice and salad.

Sticky date pudding. Mine

Panna Cotta. His

We also drank a lot of home made lemon, lime and bitters. The place is cute and nicely priced and we were both extremely happy with our meals.

The next morning we awoke and enjoyed the second part of a bed and breakfast. I ate more than I should but the fruit salad was far too yummy and the selection of bread, cereals and yogurt was far too tempting. A cooked meal was on offer but I declined. I am not that interested in bacon and eggs.Once finished I raided the biscuit jar for a Tim Tam and the lolly bowl for a caramel. We then headed off early to get back to my dog. But we had enough time to stop in at the Pinjarra Bakery for a jam doughnut.

 I have only eaten a small bowl of fruit salad since arriving home. So much for trying to eat healthy....

But never mind that! I have finally ticked off my first item on my 30 before 30 list! I have finished the book Pride and Prejudice! and I loved it! I am so happy that my favourite TV incarnation of it followed the story line fairly well.

The next item to be ticked off may come about in the next few weeks which I am also excited about. 

Love, love Elle.

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