Monday, 8 October 2012

and Overflow Cafe - Northbridge

and I'm overflowing
Overflow Cafe - Northbridge

On my little 14km outing yesterday I was wandering around looking for somewhere to eat. I was by myself so I didn't want to go into a restaurant for lunch. I was looking for a nice cafe and for some reason I struggled. I started walking in one direction and just came across this little gem. The Overflow Cafe is located on the corner of Lake Street and Newcastle Street. I wandered in and looked around and saw lots of little areas to sit, plus it was in the outskirts of Northbridge, so it was a lot quieter.

I ordered a Mixed Berry Smoothie and Pancakes and sat in a little courtyard. I love all day breakfast menus.

Breakfast lunch

The pancakes were rustic, which I loved, and had an amazing flavour. Drizzled on top of the pancakes was a caramel type sauce with a little bowl of maple syrup for extra sweetness. To the side of the pancakes is a dollop of Mascarpone Cheese with two strawberries on top. I was very happy with my meal and the berry smoothie was delicious! I am keeping this place in the memory bank and I might visit next time I'm in the area looking for a sweet meal. I like finding little places like this around.

I am paying for my little walk about today though. My calves are tight and quite sore. I don't know how I will go at kickboxing tonight. I may find it hard to walk tomorrow.

If anyone knows of some secret gems they don't mind letting me in on, I would be much obliged!

Love, love Elle.

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