Wednesday, 3 October 2012

and I'm taking stock of it all

Stock market?

Well the last two days haven't been at all interesting. I spent the other night looking through my 30 before 30 and researching how much money I will be requiring to fork out for it all. With items such as visit Europe and Japan, it's not going to be a cheap endeavour. But there is one thing on my list, if done correctly, can help me on my way. The stock market is the least interesting thing I can think of, but I have always wanted to invest in it. My brother works with the stock market so I will probably be annoying him a lot for help. Although we have to be careful to make sure everything is above board and that we stay well clear of insider trading. Insider trading never ends well.

So that's it. That my last two days. Like I said, not at all interesting.

Things I'm looking forward to over the up coming weeks include a fancy dinner this Friday night. It's a surprise dinner and I am more than certain the birthday boy won't be reading this. I am not even sure if he knows what a blog is. The following weekend is his 60th party and I will be making some cupcakes for that. I haven't settled on a flavour yet but it won't me my staple chocolate. I have another Mexican dinner coming up at a place I haven't been to in years and I have just received an invitation to an engagement party.

I am hoping my dresses from Bettie Page turn up soon since I really want to wear the black dress to the engagement party. I have a fear that neither dress in going to fit right, but that's the gamble you take with internet shopping.

I have no idea what I will do if the dresses don't fit. Do most people sell them on or get them tailored to fit?
I am very new to internet shopping. I think I just love trying on clothes too much. But we can't get everything here in Perth.

Slowly getting though Pride and Prejudice.

Until next time,
Love, love Elle.

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