Sunday, 7 October 2012

and I'm a tourist

Tourist at home

Today I spent the day being a tourist in my own city. I needed to pick up a dress from Oh Henry! I put on lay-by two weeks ago and thought I'd take the opportunity to have a wander around and play with my DSLR. I have had the camera for quite a few years but until recently my boyfriend had taken ownership of it. But since he has finally brought his own flasher one, I get my old one back again. It's an Olympus E-300 and it's a heavy bugger. Well, by then end of my outing it was.

Firstly the most important thing for going on a walking photographic tour, other than a camera, is comfortable shoes. I chose my brand new pair of Dunlop Volleys.

Don't mind the blinding white legs.

My last pair of Volley's walked me up the side of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, as well as over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They had also came with me to Bali. The were well traveled and there final outing was the Stampede in the Valley where they were retired to the bin. Hopefully these ones will see some awesome sights as well.

With the camera, make sure you have it on a good setting. I forgot to check mine and it was only when I changed it to Macro and then back to standard did I wonder what it was on before. So unfortunately some of my photo's are blurry. This may be because of the settings or because I was too rushed and didn't check the focus correctly. But I don't mind. I can always go back and this whole trip was about learning to take better photo's. 

St Mary's Cathedral

Government House

Purple flower spike - Supreme Court Gardens

Barrack St Jetty

Padlocks at the Swan Bell Tower

The Giant Booger - Forest Chase

Cute Sticker

Cute art - Northbridge

Hanging Bike - Northbridge

Orange flower - Hyde Park

Lake - Hyde Park

Entry Hall - Oh Henry!

So I picked up my dress, but I am not in the mood to put it on right now. I am in my comfy clothes and I can't be bothered changing into it for a photo. Plus my photographer is a sleep. So that will have to wait for another time. 

My reflection in the Bell Tower

The whole trip took just shy of 6 hours and I walked around 14km. It also included 4 food stops and a lot of cups of tea and sweet food. I decided to finish up when I tried to walk after stop number 4 and my left calf was sore. I am planning on a Fremantle one and I am looking for other places. Guildford maybe?

Love, love Elle.

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