Friday, 19 October 2012

and I am off and racing

Spring Racing Carnival

Well the spring racing carnival is upon us and as a part of the social group at my work I will be off to see the Melbourne Cup at Ascott. I was hoping to wear my blue dress from Bettie Page but I have decided to send it back. The fit isn't right for me. So this means I will need to go shopping. I have my eye on one dress from Alannah Hill. It is currently on sale so I am heading into the city this afternoon for a wander around. In other, sad news, I found out that my favourite work skirt has seen it's last wear. The stretchy material fibers are starting to come though the material.

Plum or green? I will just have to see which looks nicer, or if either look nice at all. I also found a black pencil skirt from Alannah hill which might solve all of my work wear problems.

I am hoping for a very successful shopping trip. I then might have to relax with a nice dinner and think proudly of my shopping efforts.

I can only hope that it all goes to plan. Does anyone else pre-shop on the internet? I seem to do it more and more lately. I love shopping but I like to know what I am up against. I find if I wander around a shop not knowing what to look for I might get overwhelmed and leave.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! Mine hasn't been to bad, which is always great.

Love, love Elle.

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