Sunday, 21 October 2012

and my feet hurt



Even though he's a fatty pumba baby, he still looks small

Me and the proud big brother, Coen

Well it has been an action packed and fun weekend. I am definitively feeling it all right now. I went and met my new nephew yesterday as well as see my niece who is about to turn 1. She and my brother went swimming at the pool. Nothing is cuter than chubby baby thighs in bathers. I then went for afternoon tea at my dads. Finally I traveled back to Perth for an Engagement Party that night.

Me in my Alika dress from Bettie Page clothing, ready for the engagement party.

This morning we were off for a ride on our bikes to The Pancake Pantry in South Guildford. We took the train to East Perth then followed the river to South Guildford. The Pancake Pantry is a cute but basic diner setback off of the main road. The basic-ness comes from the fact that it is a family run business which does only one thing, and does it well, PANCAKES! They diner isn't fancy but they create a wide variety of pancake creations. Savory and sweet. One of their specialties is a bruschetta version. I stuck with the sweet though. I had the Caramel Peanut pancakes with added banana, as kindly suggested to me with icecream on the side. My plus one had the Choc mint pancakes also with icecream. I think I am becoming some what of a pancake connoisseur. 

Swan River

Caramel Peanut pancakes with added banana

 We arrived early so took a detour to the river and I took a few happy snaps. The food arrived and was devoured rather quickly so it wasn't long before we were heading off again. About halfway back to the train station, riding became unusually hard and my bike was making a weird noise.

By the way, here is my stead.

Giant Suede City W

She is all dressed up because she was a present from my boyfriend last Christmas.

Ok, back to the story. I called out to my boyfriend and we pulled over into a side area of the bike path. My rear tyre was flat. It had gone down very quickly. We found a piece of glass in the rear tyre. Luckily we had a spare tube. Unluckily, my bike has a hub gear so you can't take the rear tyre off without tools. Tools being something that we forgot to pack. We tried to pump it up but it was flat again in a matter of seconds. As I walked my bike on he went to try and find a bike shop or hardware store open near by. But being Sunday he was clean out of luck. So I continued on, pushing my bike, and he rode off to catch a train, to get his car, to come pick me up.

I walked all of the way to East Perth were I was picked up. So instead of a nice 40km ride, I only managed a 30km ride and a 4km walk. Right now I am O.K. with that though. I am exhausted enough to be satisfied with my effort.

As I was walking past the Old Perth Power station I took a few snaps with my Olympus.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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