Friday, 2 November 2012

and I have a headband

Exciting huh?

Well I think so anyway. It arrived today at work. I ordered it on Wednesday for the Melbourne Cup. I don't feel like wearing an elaborate fascinator this year. Plus my dress is floral and busy so I didn't want to be too over the top. Which I suppose is against everything that racing carnival is about.

Mine is still a little squished from the packaging at the moment. So I will be spending sometime 'poofing' it out.

I have another 5 parcels still to be delivered. Including two from Modcloth. I was hoping the one containing shoes would arrive today. Or at the absolute latest Monday, so I can possible wear them to Ascot for the races. But I will find some back-up shoes tonight and I also need some new stockings and a clutch. So off to the city for another round of shopping.

Some friends of mine are getting a puppy today. I am hoping to visit the puppy, and the owners, next weekend once he/she is settled in.

There puppy is the white and brown one.

It is called a Beaglier,which is a designer dog. A cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Beagle.

Love, love Elle.

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