Saturday, 27 April 2013

and 112 gone

Days 99-112

112 days have now passed since the start of this year and since I started my Project 365. I am keeping on top of it and my friends are helping me along. Passing the 100 mark made me happy and things in the upcoming months are going to be interesting and exciting. I have a day off planned as well as a mini holiday coming up. But before we get to that, this is what my last two weeks looked like.

Day 99:
My tote I use for my French books. It was my last
lesson for the term and I was feeling happy.

Day 100:
Checking out my garden. It currently looks a little unloved.

Day 101:
Surprise dinner and a play. I love the ceiling of the new theatre.

Day 102:

On the way to my friends birthday dinner with her present on my lap.

Day 103:

Bananarama. Possible the best cocktail around and
my favourite at a cocktail night I went to.

Day 104:
My nephew the birthday boy. He loves his balance bike but you can just
tell by him watching the other riders he can't wait for his first real bike.

Day 105:

A night relaxing at home with a chai latte and some biscuits.

Day 106:

I love bird of paradise flowers. I spotted these on an evening walk.

Day 107:

An abandoned train arrestor near my work.

Day 108:

One of the cutest cars parked outside of the shops.
My mum had one as her first car.

Day 109:

An evening walk with gorgeous clouds.

Day 110:

My favourite photo from my great 100km ride.

Day 111:

My first pages in my scrapbook based on my 20's. 
The subject, my holiday in Sydney.

Day 112:

The warehouse where my kickboxing gym is.

 Well there you have it, another 2 weeks in my life. There was a few days there where I had so many things on that I was fairly warn out. Other days I had nothing but a walk to take a photo of. But still, boring or not, it is a part of my life.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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