Thursday, 11 April 2013

and a quarter to 98

Days 85-98

One quarter down! One whole quarter of the year has gone already and I am quiet surprised. I know that would sound weird, since I have been taking a photo everyday and know exactly how far through the year we are, but still it has gone quickly. So here it is, my last two weeks have looked like this:

Day 85:
On a quick afternoon walk I spotted some Christmas 
tree decorations hanging on a street tree.

Day 86:
Enjoying a nice mug of tea. I love my Tazzie mug.

Day 87:
First boxing class after almost 2 months.

Day 88:
We went to see a French film in Fremantle. On the way back we
stopped off at the old prison and took a few photos.

Day 89:
A day out in the park with friends taking 50's style photos.

Day 90:
Easter lunch with the family. I love the look on my little nephews face.

Day  91:
Another Easter lunch. My plus ones family found a bunch of tadpoles
in the pond when they were removing it.

Day 92:
I love the architectural features on the old laundromat
I walk past to get to French class.

Day 93:
I stayed home sick but I felt well enough to take Dallas
for a gentle walk that afternoon.

Day 94:
Gorgeous sunset and another long day.

Day 95:
Another afternoon walk. This time I went
exploring down some back lanes.

Day 96:
Bath time is torture.

Day 97:
Breakfast ride to Freo with a stop under the Canning Bridge.

Day 98:
My bigger nephew is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday. I brought him a
back pack with an insulated lunchbox from Biome.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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