Tuesday, 23 April 2013

and Moore and Moore - Fremantle

Moore and Moore - Fremantle

Saturday was the day that I oh so happily ticked another item off of my 30 before 30 list. The item was -Ride 100km in a day. I started working on this one about the time I came up with the whole list. We slowly increased the time on our bikes and the kilometers we covered, building it up over the months to 80km just a few weeks back. This ride took us all over Perth. We tried a new route this time for something different. It started the same but then we went off on a tangent and circled back home. The first section of the ride was along the river to Fremantle where we stopped at Moore & Moore for breakfast.

The view from my seat.

Cute and quirky interior.

Moore & Moore is located in a narrow street in an old building. The interior is adorable and lovingly arranged. Everywhere you looked there was something up-cycled and artistic to catch your eye.

Berry and mint iced tea.


Burnt butter, sage and roasted pumpkin with 2 poached eggs,
 roquette and parmesan on crisp toast. -$16 


White chocolate banana bread with berry and maple mascarpone. - $9.50

So good.

Chia latte for him.

I was still hungry so I went back for a little more food for us to share. I was also cold by now, it was a chilly morning, so I also ordered a tea.

Nut slice and English breakfast tea.

Main passage.

Entry of Henry Street.

The food was all delicious. As you can see I didn't have pancakes. They didn't serve pancakes but I thought the banana bread was a worthy alternative, and it was. I still would have preferred pancakes. The service was great and the food came out pretty quick. The place was also quiet busy and buzzing with activity. I didn't realise when I chose the location that there is an art gallery located within the cafe. I took a quick wander through the gallery on my way back to my seat. Out the back there is also a courtyard, which I didn't visit on my walk around.

From Fremantle we rode up the coast, which was my favourite leg of the ride, to Hillarys to stop in for a juice and a walk around.

It was sunny and lovely above us,

But on the horizon there was a storm coming.

From here we headed inland and down the freeway to Leederville and to our lunch stop, and that is where I will pick up next time.

Love, love Elle.

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