Tuesday, 9 April 2013

and Carriage Cafe - Fremantle

and Carriage Cafe - Fremantle

Well another weekend has gone and so has a bike ride to Fremantle for breakfast! It was a massive ride as well, a terrifying 81.5km. I have never ridden over 63km before, so this was a huge effort. Plus I don't ride the most practical bike for long distances. My ladies bike has an upright position and big lumbersome tyres, not to mention it's a very heavy bike. We set off at 7 and headed around the river and towards Fremantle.

Our breakfast stop this time was the Carriage Cafe on the Esplanade in the park. Normally we find a fancy cafe and sit down in a lovingly decorated space, but this time we went for something different. We sat out on the deck under huge trees. The cafe is right near the playground across from the Esplanade Hotel. Due to the closeness to the park the cafe was full of families and little kids. Something we didn't consider when choosing our breakfast location. The place was a little noisier then I prefer but all the kids were having fun and it wasn't to disrupting. That is, of course, what you get for choosing to dine in a public space. All in all, I didn't mind.

Banana milkshake for the plus one

and eggs benedict of course! $15.50

My pancakes with mixed berries, maple syrup and vanilla icecream. $13

The view from my table.

The tree above us.

The eggs benedict was really delicious. It was slightly salty and very generous. There was so much ham, it was great! The banana milkshake was a standard shake with banana flavouring. My pancakes were really good as well. They were cooked perfectly and they didn't skimp on the maple syrup. The icecream was also a nice touch. I haven't had icecream on my pancakes for a while. I brought an ice tea with my breakfast to cool me down. But after sitting under the trees for a short time, while waiting my my breakfast, I got cold and went and ordered a pot of tea as well. By the time I got back to my table our meal had just arrived. It was pretty fast indeed. Not long after my tea arrived.

On the way back we stopped to take some photo's of the view.

I wanted to take a photo of a mass of birds perched on that rock
but they flew off before I could.

We stopped under the Canning Bridge to take some more photos.

For anyone wanting a great value breakfast, but who is afraid of taking their kids to a cafe, this is a perfect choice. There is a great range and the prices are very reasonable. It was great value for money. Plus when you have finished you can take your kids to the playground for a run around. The bathroom facilities are the public toilets located in the park, but I found them reasonably clean.

We are hoping to take another breakfast ride before the month is out. Next time we will be aiming for 100km. These long rides are currently serving 2 purposes. One being my 30 before 30 challenge, the other is the Spring Classics Challenge on Strava, which my plus one is aiming to complete.

Also we burn off all of the calories we consume at breakfast, as well as push our own boundaries!

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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