Friday, 30 November 2012

and Upmarket & Vic Parks Christmas Street Market

and a day for markets
Upmarket & Vic Parks Christmas Street Market

On Sunday I treated myself to two markets. Markets are quickly becoming a favourite of mine and I normally go with a few old school friends but they couldn't make it this time. So I headed to Perth Upmarket all on my lonesome. It wasn't horrible at all (although markets with friends is much more fun) since I am use to shopping by myself. It had a Christmas vibe about the place with lots of gift ideas and hand made decorations. I picked a few presents for some of my relatives as well as a few presents for myself.

I picked up an amazing smelling candle from Wicked Wix. I chose the Brown Sugar and Vanilla candle which has a sweet and delicious smell. I also brought a sewing kit form Megan Nielson to create the 'Darling Ranges' dress. I have 'sew a dress' on my 30 before 30 list and since I haven't done much sewing since high school I thought it would be a perfect way to create my dress. The kit comes with a pattern as well as fabric, buttons, elastic etc. It's an adorable design as well and the material is very cute.

I then ate and ate and ate. I also brought a 4 pack of cupcakes to take home. Gave two to the plus one and the proceeded to eat the other two. They were delicious.  Not only were they lovingly decorated but the cake had bits and pieces in it as well. Which always makes for a delicious treat.


Moroccan Beef

Poffertjes pancakes

The cupcakes!

Cookies & Cream

Later that day, the plus one and I headed into Vic Park for a street festival. I was under the impression that there was going to be lots of markets stalls but there were only a few. Along the road, restaurants had little street carts out the front selling street food. We had teriyaki chicken from Senoji, which is probably our favourite Japanese restaurant. I enjoyed some Girl Guide home made biscuits and I also had a home made choc bomb.
Crowded streets

Strawberry Milk Bubble Tea with Chocolate Sago

Oh and some bubble tea. Some of the stores along the street were also open late and we wandered through Crow Books as well as one of my favourite stores, Nosh.

I am off down south for a long weekend.
I hope everyone else has a great weekend.

Love, love Elle.

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