Wednesday, 14 November 2012

and the boat that rocked

Sunday in the sun

I really did intend to clean on Sunday, honest! But I had also planned to bake, make jam and go exploring. I made my cake, watched a movie at lunch, dropped off the plus one at Matilda Bay, then I headed into Victoria Park to go to the centenary of Edward Millen House.

It was a gorgeous day for it. The Town of Victoria Park are in the process of conserving the old hospital, which has been used for many different purposes over the years, and they allowed access into some of the restored front rooms. You could also see a few of the rooms under construction and get onto the balcony via the external staircase. I have walked past the grounds on several occasions and I was always interested in getting a closer look.

The day had a fate like atmosphere with a puppet show, a mini ferris wheel, face painting, balloon animals and 2 bands. They started with a brass band and then a jazz band took over later in the afternoon. Students of the nearby school made displays and there were kids dressed in historical attire walking around. The town also supplied free scones with jam and cream as well as free tea and coffee. The only thing you had to pay for was the icecream and book, if you wanted to buy one.

I took my camera and I was a little snap happy. Here are some of my favourites.

View along the balcony

One of my all time favourites; scones with jam and cream

The house looks almost shocked

Hmmm which flavour?

Mars bar!

I love looking at the back of old houses, for some reason...

Jazz hands!

Hidden view 

Main entry

One of my favourite ideas of the day were the 4 artists spotted around on the lawn creating their own individual takes on the house.

After this I went to pick up my plus one from a boat party at Matilda Bay, but ended up going aboard myself instead. So instead of cleaning I spent a few amazing hours on a boat moored off the banks of the Swan River.

With my camera still with me I took a few more pics of the day.
A bay full of blow up rafts

Car boat! It actually drove straight into the water from a boat ramp and out again.


The famous black swans

It's hard to take a photo of yourself with a DSLR

Swans again!

I still managed to make mandarin marmalade that night. I was, however, extremely tired the next day at work. But it was all worth it.

Love, love Elle.

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