Sunday, 25 November 2012

and Bluff Knoll

and up a mountain (part 2)
Bluff Knoll

So after leaving Castle Rock we headed to Bluff Knoll. Bluff Knoll is the highest point in the south of Western Australia and is located in the Stirling Ranges. I had missed a few opportunities in the past to climb with other friends so I added climbing it to my 30 before 30 list. That meant that I had to jump and the next opportunity to climb it. We sat under a canopy at the carpark and had lunch, before setting out at around 12 to start our hike. After about 1km one of our friends was getting sick from a headache (which was also plaguing her at Castle Rock) So we sat down in the shade for a while and they decided to head back to the carpark and then home. We continued along the trail and up the mountain. It was quite hot. We hadn't planned to be there so late in the day but because we hadn't realised how long the Castle Rock trail was, we were walking in the hottest part of the day.

Bluff Knoll

We stopped for breathers and a water break a few times and as we started reaching the top the wind was picking up and cooling us down. Other then few mountains in the range the rest of the land is fairly flat. The landscape in Australia is very old so only a few mountain ranges still exist. Our highest points are tiny in comparison to other continents. November is the end of the wild flower season here and the plateau at the top was covered in a sea of white and yellow. When we reached the top we found a flat area and sat down to rest and eat. I made a trail mix a few days earlier using left over nuts, coconut slithers and chocolate bits. We then sat around and enjoyed the view.

On the way up

Looking up towards the summit


Looking down at the carpark

Sheer cliff

My Dunlops hanging off the edge.

The carpark from where we hiked.

Lady bugs were everywhere. Even on the summit.

Looking along the mountain range

At the top

The walk down was a lot easier but it was so windy that I was holding on to my hat for most of it. We reached the bottom at around quarter to 4. We sat at the base intending to relax but the wind was so strong we went and hoped into our car instead. We stopped in at the cafe near by for some sports drinks and icecream before heading north on the Great Southern Highway. I had never been on this road before and it took us around huge wheat farms and past lots of little towns. We finally made it to Wagin where we jumped out and took a few photos of the Giant Ram. We then continued onto Albany Highway and home. We arrived back a bit before 9pm and I was exhausted.

Me with the Giant Ram

I was sore for days afterwards. The backs of my calves where aching especially when I was pointing my toes. I am sure I looked funny for a few days attempting to walk. I am heading off south again in a couple of weeks. This time to Nannup with a large group of friends.

Love, love Elle.

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