Sunday, 11 November 2012

and I'm on a boat

Boat Party

Friday night I wen't on boat ride and partied up and down the Swan River and danced myself into the early hours. I then slept in and spent the rest of the day lazing around on the couch watching TV shows. This type of Saturday (and Friday night) is very rare for my now days. I am planning on doing a lot today to make up for it.

My first delivery from Modcloth arrived at work on Friday. I brought these earrings - Drawing Room Bloom and the shoes below. Their boxes are so cute, all covered in sayings and mushrooms. Hopefully another one will arrive next week.

Friday night outfit:
Vintage early 80's RaRa dress from - Oh! Henry

Please ignore the inelegant pose. I was trying to capture how much I wasn't matching.
Also ignore the unclean mirror. That's on the cleaning list today.

For dinner last night I pigged out on a hamburger, chips and onion rings from V Burger in Victoria Park. I thought I'd go a healthier option and choose the 'Halloween' burger. 

It was yum but I couldn't eat all of it. Not because of it's size, but because it had too much pesto and was quite oily. The chips and onion rings where yum but coupled with the oily burger and dipping sauce it was all too much. I might stick to a simple chicken one next time.

Halloween Burger - Crispy breaded pumpkin, thick basil pesto, Danish fetta cheese, 
onion, mixed gourmet lettuce & aioli.

Well to make up for yesterday's laziness, I am planning on baking, possibly jam making, exploring and cleaning. 

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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