Thursday, 7 March 2013

and Simple Nosh - Fremantle

and public holiday ride
Simple Nosh - Fremantle

Here in Western Australia we have quiet a few public holidays at the beginning of the year, and not nearly enough at the end. Last Monday was Labour Day in the west. It celebrates the Australian labour movement and specifically the achievement of a working day limited to eight hours. There is no better way of celebrating working, then by not. So we woke up early to go for another breakfast ride.

We were very organised this time around. We made sure that our tyres were pumped, our water bottles were filled and our bags packed the night before. As we moved our bikes onto the driveway it started raining, heavily. In all our efforts to be prepared we forgot to check the weather report. We had a look at the radar and decided to wait around for half an hour until the front passed. The rain stopped and the sky looked a little clearer. So off we headed around the river, the long way to Fremantle. We stopped near The Raffles for a short rest and a sip of water. It was the perfect spot to look back towards the city on a pretty dreary day.

My sweet ride

 I found a new cafe to check out called Simple Nosh on Norfolk Street in Fremantle, so off we peddled in that direction. As we were heading past Attadale the skies opened up again and we cycled towards the nearest large tree. It wasn't a lighting storm so we were safe and kept fairly dry. It slowed to a dribble and we set off again. It stayed dry, luckily, for the rest of the ride.

Finally we arrived at our destination, Simple Nosh. Simple Nosh is in an old cottage. There are small rooms dotted throughout with different seating arrangements. From a large dinning table to coffee tables and lounges. We sat on the long verandah with all of the other patrons.


We ordered a yellow and pink smoothie. My plus one had the yellow one. It was made with mangoes and pineapple and my pink smoothie was made with berries and lychees.


Plus ones eggs Benedict

My blueberry and lemon pancakes.

A chai latte for the plus one

and tea for me

Simple Nosh is very homely, which is the current trend for cafes. Both of the smoothies were fantastic. The eggs Benedict was cooked to perfection. My pancakes were a little dense but still delicious. I will hopefully go back soon to sample some of their cakes. They all looked so delicious. The cake selection looks like it came from a Country Women's Association bake off! Which in my opinion is a great honour.

Well until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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