Thursday, 14 March 2013

and 70 days this year

Days 57-70

So I am 1 month away from the 100 mark. Some days I really struggle to think what to take a photo of. But often something presents itself. 

Day 57:
My brothers dog and Dallas's brother came to stay with us for a week. 
He isn't any better at posing than Dallas.

Day 58:
The moon was looking fantastic so I used my
 plus one's camera to take some snaps.

Day 59:
I was out and about and I decided to head to the river to
 take a photo of the sunset. The clouds are actually 
smoke form a near by bushfire.

Day 60:
We headed into the city to check out the Hawkers Market
and had some delicious macarons.

Day 61:
My plus one's parents came for dinner and we made them a Moroccan Feast!

Day 62:
I finally got the last book, Emma, and now my collection is complete.

Day 63:
Monday was a public holiday and we went for a rainy ride to Fremantle.

Day 64:
I had an early start and a faint rainbow greeted me as I got to my car.

Day 65:
I had  a little accident at kickboxing. Ice and painkillers were
 required after I took an elbow to the head.

Day 66:
I took a walk around South Perth and found one of my many dream homes.

Day 67:
I walked though the city to head out for celebration drinks
 for my plus one's promotion. 

Day 68:
I went for a weekend away with some girls. This is the sunset in Dunsborough.

Day 69:
We stayed in a bush holiday home for the night. A neighbours dog
 wandered over and spent the morning with us. Meet Pepper.

Day 70:
While I was away, my plus one put my computer on a diet and gave it 
an upgrade. I finally works properly after about 4 years of trouble.

I have had a fairly busy fortnight and it is not going to let off anytime soon. Work is very busy and I am trying to do a bit to much and it is taking it's tole on me and I need to catch up on a bit of sleep.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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