Thursday, 28 March 2013

and Sculptures by the Sea - Cottesloe - Part 2

and Sculptures by the Sea - Cottesloe - Part 1

As we walked around we noticed that there was a little area selling brochures about the sculptures. But we were already half way through and we were on a bit of a tight schedule. We continued on only guessing what each sculpture was about. I am not sure if all of the sculptures had meanings or if some were just made to look cool.

This is a photo I took through a blue glass sculpture.

My best guess for this sculpture is that it is about global warming and the 
sea ice melting. In each bucket there is a glacier.

This sculpture was pretty cute.

I learnt that to take a good picture you have to be patient.
Being patient allows people walk out of shot.

I also learnt that I like to take photos of things on the right side 
of the frame. I don't know why though.

This sculpture is a needle eye. The tip is located at 
City Hall Park in Aarhus Denmark.

This sculpture encouraged people to climb through it. At the top was a sensor
which counted people as they hopped through.

Check out - How Close We Are

The sun was well and truly up by now and the light was a lot harsher. The beach was also pretty crowded and we were ready to head to breakfast.

Hopefully it will be back next year, because I would love to visit again!

Love, love Elle.

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