Tuesday, 24 September 2013

and if it was 252

Days 239-252

So Spring has arrived in Australia. Although, you could hardly tell. We have had more rain this month than I can remember in a long time and there has barely been a cloud free day. A lot of plans have been delayed or changed because of the weather and I haven't been able to take my dog on many walks. She is getting old now so I don't want to get her cold and wet.

Day 239:

An evening walk and some gorgeous vines.

Day 240:

Bored at home I decided to try out my new ear muffs
 on my dog. I think she likes them.

Day 241:

The beginnings of Mexican Chocolate Ice cream.

Day 242:

Dinner with friends at the pub for a Friday night. 
I went for the chickpea curry.

Day 243:

I had a great catch-up with a friend for some high tea.
The chocolate brownie was so good I brought
 some to take home with me.

Day 244:

It was fathers day and I travelled home to see my family. My sister 
gave some flowers to my niece but she decided to through them.

Day 245:

I enjoyed my leftovers from a dinner party I went to.
 Tres Leche cake with Mexican Ice cream and fresh berries.

Day 246:

We had a morning tea the next day at work, so I stayed 
up late to make thumb print biscuits.

Day 247:

I liked the reflection of the tree in the dirty puddle in the carpark. 
I just thought it looked interesting.

Day 248:

I went home sick form work, so I rested on the couch and watched T.V..

Day 249:

Back to work, I went out at lunchtime and sat in a near 
by park enjoying the sunshine.

Day 250:

My plus one and I headed out to Bell's Rapids for a walk and to take some photos.

Day 251:

We went for an evening cycle around the river. It was my first ride in far too long.

Day 252:

I love the wrapping paper I used for my sisters birthday present. I went 
and found an art deco card for her to match as well.

There you have it, another fortnight down. It was full of baking and eating and some exercise to try and counteract all that food. I can't wait for more sunny weather so I can go out and enjoy the landscape some more. I think I want to try and get out of the city a little bit more and enjoy nature as much as possible.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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