Wednesday, 11 September 2013

and Bell's Rapids - Perth

Bell's Rapids - Perth

Every year, Perth holds a white water race down the Avon River called the Avon Descent. The race is held for both motor boats and paddlers. The race starts in Northam and finishes at Bayswater, after the Avon River has changed to the Swan River. The event is held over 2 days and one of the best spectator locations along the route is at Bell's Rapids.

Last Saturday, my plus one and I headed to Bell's Rapids to take photos, and even though the race wasn't on, there were still kayaks in the water and the scenery was still spectacular.

I took my DSLR down to have a play. It is an old Olympus and is pretty bulky but still takes pretty good photos. My plus one has a newer Canon DSLR with filters and a tripod and a tonne of other things he left at home. So he was taking the fancy slow shutter speed photos and I was more using it as a point and shoot camera. All of these photos are mine.

When we first arrived it was raining a bit, so we headed out with our umbrellas. After about half an hour the rain ceased and we continued up the river towards the pedestrian bridge.

There was mist on the hills beyond which was really pretty and there were plenty of others out and about, either in the water or walking around, some taking photos.

One of the kayakers paddling thought the rapids.

Around Bell's Rapids is a walking trail which I would like to follow next time. On the other side of the bridge the landscape opens up a little into some fields. On a tree near by there are two swings and there were some sweet flowers by the bank of the river. If you love bird watching, this is a great location to see the Black Cockatoo as well as many other native birds.

I think this is a millipede.

So if you are looking for a nice walking trail or somewhere to take some photos of some beautiful scenery, try Bell's Rapids. There are also some companies which teach you to paddle down the rapids, if you are looking for something with a little more adrenaline. 

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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