Thursday, 12 September 2013

and 238 is the way to be

Days 225-238

The last fortnight has brought on a few big changes in my life. The biggest of the all is buying a house. It is a little exciting, even though I already live in the house, so it won't be a nice, new house. I have been renting the house for over 6 years now, but soon I will be the owner. The most exciting thing about this will be finally being able to personalise the house. I can't wait to paint and change the carpets, giving it a fresh new look. Then I'd like to slowly add and update the house. But it is early days and settlement is still a way off. Prepare for more house photos!

Day 225:

Stuck in traffic around the new Elizabeth Quay development.

Day 226:

I park near this every week and I have only just looked over the fence after a year. 
I still have no idea what it is.

Day 227:

I love sneakers, I love Dunlops and I love how bright these are. 
Perfect for Spring.

Day 228:

It was a long day for a Friday. I travelled to Busselton for a photo shoot. 
Photos to come soon!

Day 229:

My gorgeous nephew Arden showing off his crawling skills.

Day 230:

The Willy Wagtails have built another nest in our backyard

Day 231:

It is hard to lay under a blanket around my house.
My dog always pushes in and pushes you out.

Day 232:

Moonrise from my backyard. I like how this photo looks as
 if I live in a country town and not the city.

Day 233:

Enjoying my nanna's yellow limes in my coke. One of my few weaknesses.

Day 234:

We went to our favourite Mexican place for dinner. A building 
around the corner had some great graffiti art on the wall.

Day 235:

The perfect way to end the week. Homemade pizza and movies 
on the projector in our friends backyard.

Day 236:

My friend gave me some Thai pads for kickboxing. 
I thought I'd give them a test run.

Day 237:

After far too long, I finally got around to completing another set 
of pages for my scrapbook. This theme was my friends 
wedding in Bali and here I am just playing with the layout.

Day 238:

Learning about mortgages over a cup of tea and some biscuits.

There are some exciting and scaring times ahead for me. But I can't wait to see where it all goes!

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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