Saturday, 31 August 2013

and it's all down to 224

Days 211-224

Well another fortnight, another post. I am falling a little bit behind with my posting because I have been pretty busy. When I am not busy, I am sick. I think all of this business is wearing me out. I think I need to put some more time aside for just relaxing.

Day 211:

I was early for French so I sat and enjoyed some 
cookie dough with choc chip flavoured iceceam balls.

Day 212:

A guy at kickboxing gave me a mouth guard tonight 
because he was afraid of knocking my teeth out. Last time
we trained together he gave me a split lip and 
felt so terrible about it.

Day 213:

Today I collected together all of the money from piggy banks in the house
 to take to the bank. The bagged ones are from my sisters 
collection to deposit also. Slowly we are funding Japan.

Day 214:

I brought Dallas a calming collar to help settle her down during thunder storms.
 It has a lovely lavender smell. 

Day 215:

Two of my friends finally tied the knot at this lovely old church.

Day 216:

My plus one was a little hung over from the wedding so he played 
with the old train set on the dirty floor.

Day 217:

I was a little worn out, so I gave myself a boost with a 
mixed berry and vanilla yoghurt smoothie.

Day 218:

We had some fun using a tripod and the quick shutter option 
to take photos of the milk pouring and mixing into the tea. I have
 wanted to do these photos for quite a while.
Day 219:

I was sick so I stayed home after work.
 It was a rainy day but my flowers loved it.

Day 220:

A second night sick at home. I was well enough for work but nothing else. 

Day 221:

It was finally the weekend and I was feeling better. 
We met friends out for dinner and drinks. 
The bar had giant heater lamps on the roof top level.

Day 222:

Saturday I enjoyed a long day of shopping and eating 
with some girls friends in the city. I was very happy with
 my purchases and scored lots of bargains.

Day 223:

We had another family get together at my nanna's house and we collected 
some lemons from her giant lemon tree before leaving.

Day 224:

I had made some vanilla chai ice cream to take to my nannas the day before, 
so to finish my Monday night I had some with sprinkles.

I have been noticing lately that a lot of what I do revolves around food. If I am meeting up with a friend or with family, lunch, morning tea or dinner is involved. So a lot of my photos have been capturing those moments. I sense that this is going to be a theme for the rest of the year as I have a lot of birthdays coming up. Then we will be at the holiday season with a lot more eating involved!

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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