Sunday, 18 August 2013

and Brisbane, Australia - Part 4

Brisbane, Australia.

Day 7: Moreton Bay and the city by night.

Friday was a day for exploring by car. I borrowed my friends little manual and headed back to the park she had taken me to on the first night in Brisbane. It was a stunning, overcast morning and the view across the bay was breath taking.

Historical Shorncliffe Pier.

Selfie with the pier in the back ground.

Unfortunately no one is allowed on the pier anymore. It was only recently refurbished but it is currently under attack from marine borer insects, so it is unsafe to walk on. It would have been a lovely view from out there in the bay.

Perfectly framed.

I walked out along the breakwater as far as I could.

On the breakwater with the pier in the background.

Jetty and breakwater at Moora Park.

Perfect weather for photos.

I took a nice long wander from Moora Park around to Arthur Davis Park and back. On the way back to the car, I walked away from the bay towards Sandgate to a cute little cafe called Sakura Coffee and Tea House, where I enjoyed a banoffee pie tart and a milkshake for morning tea.

Walking back to the car.

The tide was out in the bay.

I hopped back in the car and followed the Morton Bay scenic drive around, following the signs with the manatee on them as I went. The next stop was across the bridge to Pelican Park for a view back across the water to where I just was.

A rainbow starting and finishing over the water.

Seagulls gliding in the wind.

After watching the rainbow for a while I jumped back in the car and drove around further towards the buildings on the right of the photo just above, to Woody Point jetty.

As you can see the weather is tuning bad beyond the jetty.
I did not notice this at the time.

I walked the length of the jetty and back then I was off again in the car to the next destination just around the corner.

My idea of a perfect 'Queenslander'.

It is a little of nerdy of me for getting excited about finding such a cute Queenslander. Where ever I went, I was keeping an eye out for a really nice one, and to me this is it. Perfection. I just parked the car and I was making my way down the road when I spotted it.

I made my way down towards the waters edge to see the shipwreck HMQS Gayundah. I was standing there trying to take a photo of it with my phone when it started raining, and then pouring. I hadn't had a chance to get a good shot so I started walking, and then running, back to the car to grab the umbrella my friend had let me borrow. After getting the umbrella I made my way back down the path and back to the wreck.

I love the spotty umbrella. It's heaps cooler than my boring purple one.

Rusted wreck.

My next stop along the tourist drive was at Scarborough for lunch at another adorable cafe. This time I found The Sugar Deli. It had an old fashioned feel about the place. The decor was quirky and cute and the food was stunning. They had a fire going to warm us all up and to dry us all off. I had been drenched making my way from the car to the cafe, the umbrella just could not stop the onslaught of rain.

You can't go past mismatched crockery.

Beautiful pie with delicious thick cut chips.

A hot chocolate and a chocolate mudcake with blueberries.

After my amazing and over indulgent lunch I needed a walk. The rain was nice enough to stop for me, so I walked from Tingira Park, past Jamieson Park and around the protective land around Scarborough Marina. My shoes where so drenched at this point that I found it more comfortable to leave them behind at the car and walk barefoot along the path. It was kind of relaxing strolling along with no shoes on.

Jamieson Park and a very tropical feeling.

The very end of the breakwater.

Scarborough Marina.

From here I headed back to my friends house to dry off and change, to head into the city with her boyfriend to meet her for dinner and a walk around the night markets on the South Bank of the city. We wandered through the City Botanical park where we spotted fruit bats flying over head. I was laughing and smiling like a kid as I was trying to follow them as they swooped around above me.

The sun setting.

Dusk in the City Botanical Park.

It was pretty hard trying to photograph the bats.

Memorial steps.

The view of Brisbane from the South Bank.

I didn't find anything to buy at the markets. There were some really cute stores, and one I went back to a few times, but I couldn't find anything I wanted. I had something too specific in my head, which can be dangerous when shopping, since nothing but that would do. We stopped for burgers and then icecream before heading to the nearest train station and then heading home.

Ice cream at Movenpick for dessert.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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