Tuesday, 13 August 2013

and 210 is on the cards

Days 197-210

As we head towards the end of the year, one of my 'Project 365' support crew has dropped out and is no longer taking a photo a day. But there are still a few of my friends forging on towards the end of the year. I have also been told by several of my friends not completing the project, that they love seeing my photo go up everyday. They ask me what number I am up to and what my photo will be today. I love that my little project has had participants that didn't even plan on joining in and this helps keep me going. So here is the next fortnight.

Day 197:

Dinner with a great group of girls on a very cold winters night.

Day 198:

Another evening of kickboxing. 
Day 199:

I had to head home in my lunch break to pick up a parcel so I decided to take 
Dallas for a quick run in the park.

Day 200:

Work sundowner on a long, cold Friday.

Day 201:

I headed home with my brother to spend some time with his adorable daughter. 
She was a bit grizzly so we took her for a walk to the beach.

Day 202:

Another day with the gorgeous Bella. This time we headed to the park.
She had a great time chasing the ducks.

Day 203:

My long anticipated parcel arrived with my corset for a hens night that weekend.

Day 204:

A rainy evening for French class.

Day 205:

New biscuit day. I love Arnott's biscuits with my tea.

Day 206:

New haircut. I am trying to grow my hair long but my hair just
 wont play nice and keeps breaking.

Day 207:

I decided to make a fascinator to go with my costume for the hens night. 
I brought all of the pieces from the craft store and spent some 
time working out what would go where.

Day 208:

Hens night out! The theme was the 1920's and burlesque. We had a host 
from Sugar Blue Burlesque join us to show us some moves.

Day 209:

Morning high tea with some friends. I nice way to 
start a Sunday after a big night out.

Day 210:

Of to kickboxing with my nails still painted from Saturday night. 
I love the black, white and red contrast.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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