Tuesday, 15 January 2013

and it's been only 2 weeks

Days 1-14

This year myself and a bunch of my friends are attempting 'Project 365'. On new years eve last year I asked on my Facebook for people to join me on the project. I need to complete 'Project 365' for my 30 before 30 list and I am hoping that having my friends do it with me will help me keep on top of it. For those who don't know what 'Project 365' is, it is a personal quest to take a photo, every day, for a whole year. Some of my friends are just posting a photo everyday to document what happened that day, such as getting a friend to take of photo with them in it. I personally am taking each photo myself. I am hoping that this will help me improve my photography skills. Trying to keep it interesting for so long will be part of the challenge.

Day 1:
A pedestrian sign in the city after dinner with friends.

Day 2:
I was sick so I finally put together our holiday album.

Day 3:
We spent the day redoing the front garden. Working on my macro.

Day 4:
My plus one and I baked a Crusty Italian Herb loaf each.

Day 5:
Trip to Penguin Island with the family.

Day 6:
Friends leaving lunch at Clancy's Fishbar.

Day 7:
Some random things on my work desk for the first day back.

Day 8:
My gorgeous Dallas.

Day 9:
The stairs to my Kickboxing gym.

Day 10:
An abandoned warehouse near my work.

Day 11:
Surprise earrings from Etsy, sent to my work from the plus one.

Day 12:
A photo of Fremantle taken on a breakfast pushbike ride.

Day 13:
Our friends brand new puppy, Stirling. A staffy x pug.

Day 14:
Choc Chip biscuits for work.

I have a long way to go and many more photos to take. I will just have to keep doing and seeing interesting things!

Love, love Elle.

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