Monday, 21 January 2013

and Leapfrog Cafe - Joondalup

and I fed a horse
Leapfrog Cafe

On Sunday we put our bikes in the back of the car and drove up to meet my plus ones parents for an easy morning ride. We started from a carpark by Lake Joondalup and rode an easy but lovely 5km to Leapfrog Cafe, which is apart of the Wanneroo Botanical Garden and Mini Golf. Most of the path was through parkland or through bush and only the very last section was on a path by the road. We sat down and I ordered my favourite breakfast, pancakes!

Pancake berry compote, poached pear, maple syrup, 

At the moment I am really loving Frappes so I had a chocolate one to help cool me down. The pancakes were quite crumbly but still very delicious and I loved the pear on top. The plus one ordered his standard Eggs Benedict but wasn't overwhelmed by it. 


Lovely sunflowers

On the way to the cafe I saw a few things I wanted to take some photos of, so I cycled ahead so I could stop and take some snaps.

Rundown house

Gorgeous horse

I stopped both ways to give him some green grass.

Some kids built timber forts in the pine forest

The ride was only a short one because my plus ones mum is only just starting to ride again after 30ish years. She is a bit wobbly and lacks confidence. But we cracked the double digit mark with this 10km and after a few more like that we will slowly increase the distance.

After the ride we went to a friends house for a barbecue and to play with their puppy Stirling. He is starting to resemble a Staffy more and more with his wide hind leg stance. He is adorable but likes to bite a little too much!


Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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