Saturday, 5 January 2013

and Penguin Island, Rockingham

and a ferry to visit the little ones
Penguin Island, Rockingham

View from the jetty towards Penguin Island

Today some of my family and I headed to Penguin Island, just off the coast of Rockingham. Penguin Island is connected to the mainland via a sand bar. Last time I went to the Island I walked across but this time I took the ferry. It means you stay a lot dryer and you don't smell so much. There is a lot of seaweed about. We then jumped straight onto the Penguin and Sea Lion Cruise. The cruise was nice and fun. It took us past some little islands around Penguin Island and over to this one island which had around 6 or 7 seals resting on the beach. Apparently only the males ever use that island to rest.

Small rock islands

Sleeping seals

They woke up for a yawn then went back to sleep

Me on the back of the boat.

We then headed back to the jetty and we were just in time for the Little Penguin feeding in the Discovery Center. The penguins were so adorable. Some were constantly swimming around. Others didn't want to leave the rocks and one or two didn't want to leave the resting area. This one penguin, Nemo, was a huge show off. He kept swimming around on his side splashing about.

Little Penguins

He is waiting for his lunch 


They look so cute swimming around

Hiding molting penguin. They can't swim until they have finished.

After the feeding was over we headed onto the lawn for a picnic lunch. I took the second herb roll I baked and made sandwiches under a tree. There are these large lizards which were scuttling around though the groups of picnickers trying to find food to steal. They were kind of cute but I didn't want them running over my lunch.

Lizard trying to steal food

There are a few look outs on the island and there is a nice walk around the island. We had a quick wander but we didn't go all of the way around.

View from Penguin Island to the locations of the seals.

It was a lovely day out and I can't believe that there is only one day left of the holidays. Where has the 2 weeks gone? Penguin Island is a great little location and I am glad I returned. Last time I didn't see the penguin feeding or go on any cruise. They were both awesome to do and see.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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