Tuesday, 29 January 2013

and 28 days since the start

Days 15-28

Well I am happy to say that I have made it almost a whole month without missing a photo. As well as my DSLR I have a little hand held Canon Ixus, which can easily fit in my hand bag or in the back of my bike. So at the moment I don't leave the house without a camera.

Day 15:
I went for a dinner ride with a group of ladies. It was a lovely night for it.

Day 16:
I brought and potted a plant for my work space. Happy to announce that it is still alive.

Day 17:
My first day back to boxing after the holidays.

Day 18:
Furniture and decor shopping. The mummy is actually a moneybox we are using
to help save for our Japan holiday!

Day 19:
I took Dallas for a walk and allowed her to practice her modelling for me.

Day 20:
A beautiful horse I met on a morning pushbike breakfast ride.

Day 21:
Our fighting fish decide to pose for me next.

Day 22:
My first attempt at Candy Cane Vodka. Still to taste it.

Day 23:
I booked flights to see my friend in Brisbane. I have never been there before.

Day 24:
I went on a site visit during work and it was a stunning day.

Day 25:
Evening pushbike ride with friends from Fremantle to Perth.

Day 26:
Australia Day! I spent the day on a friends boat in Matilda Bay.

Day 27:
Recovery day. Lots of chocolate and doggy chocolate was involved.

Day 28:
I went on an afternoon ride with a friend through the hills.

Well I am almost 1/12th of the way through the challenge and I am still excited about it! I may not feel the same in a few months time. We will have to wait and see.

Love, love Elle.

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