Wednesday, 11 December 2013

and all there is, is 322

Days 309-322

Busy. That is how my life has been lately. That and crazy. I have been doing a lot of overtime, simply trying to keep up with the work load, but everyone want's there job before Christmas, so the work just keeps coming in. This doesn't make for a relaxing run up to the holiday season, but it will make it more relaxing and wonderful when it finally gets here.

Day 309:

My winnings from the Melbourne Cup Lunch at work.

Day 310:

I decided to aim for an even more perfect cup of tea with mini hour glasses.

Day 311:

It was an absolutely perfect evening for a walk with the dog.

Day 312:

My work social club went ice skating. It was only my second
 time ever doing it and still no falls.

Day 313:

I decided to learn to hula hoop. I still have a lot to learn.

Day 314:

To add a little extra green to the house, we planted some mini 
succulents and cacti in a few pots for different rooms of the house.

Day 315:

I had a mini win at work, so I brought myself some gourmet 
chocolates and a new tea flavour to celebrate.

Day 316:

I was a little early for French class, so I checked 
out their library while I waited.

Day 317:

Another day, another walk. To make it even better, the 
Jacaranda trees were in full bloom.

Day 318:

Another work function, this time we went to a driving range to
 hit a few balls around. I had varied success.

Day 319:

Some of my family joined a group of friends to take a late night historical 
walk, where we learned about some of the pioneers to the
 area from actors dressed in period costume.

Day 320:

My plus one and I went to the movies to watch Thor
 and escape the heat of the day.

Day 321:

I let the dog out and I saw this little guy hope behind the worm farm.
 There are a few frogs that live on the other side of the fence.

Day 322:

My poor dog Dallas had been sick for a few days, so I 
took her to the vet. After several tests they found 
that she was a perfectly healthy dog and it was 
more than likely just a stomach bug.

So another fortnight down. A busy fortnight full of a bit too much worrying about my dog and a lot of activities checking out a few different places around Perth.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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